Load & Unload Your Child With EASE Using Our Magnetic Car Seat Clips

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Stop Digging For the Buckels. Stop Waking Your Sleeping Baby. Get LulaClips

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LulaClips are 100% Universal and Attach to ANY Car Seat or Stroller

Simply clip your buckles to the magnetic hands. They are now held out of the way making it much easier to load your baby in and out of the car.

Hold The Buckles Out of The Way

‍‍‍All plastic buckles? Want to use them on a stroller? No worries. In each ‍‍‍package we include 2 velcro straps with a metal button on them. Simply put those around your straps and then clip the metal button to the hands just like you would with metal buckles.

Works w/ All Plastic Buckles Too

They attach to ANY car seat or stroller

Adjust as your child grows so they are always in the perfect spot

Attach using our child proof locking system to optimize safety

Safety Tested to ensure they are 100% safe and secure

No more digging for the buckles from under your child

Our Child proof locking system requires two adult hands to undo. We safety test them by conducting pull testing to ensure these can't be disloged. The magnet por‍‍‍tion is fully encapsulated too!

Safe and Secur‍‍‍e

How Do They Install?‍‍‍‍‍‍

We have the middle buckle covered too!

Step 1. Push down the safety lock and open the pin.

Step 2. Measure the spot where your buckle hits the side of the seat.

Step 3. Pin them on and lock them in. Enjoy.

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Get A Set

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They attach to ANY car seat

They go through full crash testing to ensure they are 100% safe

Attach in seconds

‍‍‍‍‍‍Machine washa‍‍‍ble

No more digging for the buckle from under your child



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